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Indicación Xeográfica Protexida Ribeiras do Morrazo

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A living territory, a cultural landscape, sustainable and local economy, a fresh and oceanic wine ... quality

The wines of this protected geographical indication are white and red with frank aromas in which the characteristics of the raw material from which they come are appreciated, with moderate alcoholic graduations, floral and fruit aromas and with a good and balanced acidity

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Na categoría de Viños Brancos Tranquilos, o Albariño Areeiros da IXP...


Today, more than ever, is a day to raise our glasses to the sky and toast to the strength, resilience, and tireless determination of women in all...


🎄✨ The best wine is the one that is shared: May you have a happy holiday season this Christmas‼️ 🍇🤗🍷

👇 Can you view the Christmas greeting...


The winery is located in the municipality of Cangas, parish of Hío and has a winemaking potential of almost one Ha in its own vineyards. Most of the vineyard is made...
La Abadía de Poio, a historic monastery located in the Ría de Pontevedra, produces wines within the Ribeiras do Morrazo Geographical Indication and under the Viñas del...
Small family winery located in the municipality of Marín, parish of ARDÁN, Morrazo, Pontevedra. It has the privilege of being the only winery in this municipality. The...
Our winery has been modernized and renovated in 2005, going from making a red wine full of tradition and affection with old presses, such as our winery or lagareta, to...


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Technical Office of the GDR

Rúa Os Campos, 19 - 36164

Mourente (Pontevedra)

986 10 81 44 / 695 333 087